Gratefully Yours

Monthly letters to help put the work of the catechist of the Good Shepherd into the context of the larger world · from the archives

by Catherine Maresca

Thanksgiving 2015

There is no better summary of the words and work of the catechist than “Jesus is giving the gifts of love.” This is the heart of every lesson we give, repeatedly announcing, “God loves you, God loves you through creation, God loves you through your family, God loves you through the bread and wine, God loves you through the Kindom, God loves you through the Holy Spirit, God loves you through the light and water of Baptism, God loves you through the Bible, God loves you through Jesus, who is a gift of love and who offers a gift of love.”       As we listen to the announcements of these gifts with the children,  we immerse ourselves in God’s love, given in both the signs of love embodied in the atrium and through the children we are with in this sacred space. What a privilege and joy to share God’s love so freely and gently week after week, in such loving company.
       I am heartened every year by our celebration of gratitude. I love the traditional family and community gatherings, and the Thanksgiving liturgy  at our school. Enjoy the celebrations, and bask in the gift of love that Jesus gives you every day.


In 2015, CCTheo is adding to our collection of publications monthly letters to explore the work of the catechist into the context of the larger world. This letter is written by our director, Catherine Maresca.

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