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We are in the Easter season. New life abounds in the plants and animals around us, hinting at the powerful, beautiful life of the risen Christ. It’s easy to imagine the “colored streams of light” emanating from him both before and after his resurrection, streams of healing, guidance, encouragement, and love. Do we think of these streams becoming stronger and brighter after his death and resurrection? Read More... Read more about Created in God's Image
This is our 20th year. Since CCTheo began in 1995, every year during Holy Week I have completed Form 990 that non-profits submit annually to the federal government. School is closed, no catechists are placing orders, and the office is quiet enough to focus on the details this form requires. It usually feels like a somewhat penitential work, tedious and humbling. Read more... Read more about Celebrating 20 years of CCTheo
Register now to join us at WOG, and receive Early Bird Pricing! Share - Renew - Network - Worship - Learn - Enjoy at our seventh WOG conference October 22-25, 2015 at the Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center in West Hartford, Connecticut Read more about Weaving Our Gifts Registration