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During the presentation on the Eucharistic Presence material, I asked about what the Good Shepherd does with the sheep.  Nissa, age 4, replied, “Takes care of the sheep.” When I asked about how the Good Shepherd takes care of the sheep, Nissa replied, “gives food and water and grass.”  Kara, age 4, said, “his life.” With a questioning tone, I repeated, “his life?”  Kara replied, “yes, gives his life to the sheep.” Read more about His Life
Catherine Maresca discusses Interfaith materials for children ages nine and up with Maureen Fiedler. Listen to the interview here!   And Hands on Faith is Ready! Experience the richness of Islam through hands on materials based on the essential themes and practices of Islam. Order your set today for $45. Read more about Hands on Faith Featured on Interfaith Voices
May the graces of Lent bless you as you prepare for the Easter season's celebrations of Baptism and First Eucharist. We have some lovely resources for the parents and children of your community to celebrate these Sacraments. Explore items that are on sale!     Read more about Gifts to Celebrate the Easter Season