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  This year the Weaving Our Gifts keynote presentations will Biblical scholar Bruce Birch, speaking on the prophets. These choices were made almost a year ago, and events in our society of the past year have only reinforced the need to reinvigorate our work with the prophets and the prophetic message. The topic of the prophets is key to us as catechists for several practical reasons: Read more about Prophetic Catechists
There is little need to point out the lack of peace at every level of human society. From the family, to local communities, to national and international relations, as well as our relationship with creation itself, there is a dire need today to imbue our lives with nonviolent love. This was modeled and taught by Jesus, and is at the heart of the gift we nurture in children in the atrium.   Read more about Way of Nonviolence
There's so much to look forward to at WOG 2015! Explore of the presentations you won't want to miss at WOG. Register before July 15, 2015 to get Early Bird prices! Read more about Weaving Our Gifts 2015: Presentations to look forward to!