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On several of my album pages that introduces or uses the cross as a sign in the material, Sofia Cavalletti wrote “The cross is a sign of victory over death.” For older children she added “and evil.” This is our Christian hope. Jesus died and rose, making his victory over evil and death ours to claim, little by little, as we are nourished, healed, reconciled, and called to serve others. Read more about The Cross
October 22-25, 2015 Read more about Weaving Our Gifts Registration
CCTheo's director Catherine Maresca continues our work of bringing the rich spirituality of the child to the world, through an article exploring the cross as a sign of hope and life to children. She also joined a group of faith leaders to talk about interfaith collaboration and how it begins with children, and speaks at conference in DC in May. Read more. Read more about Discussing the Spirituality of the Child