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CCTheo's director Catherine Maresca continues our work of bringing the rich spirituality of the child to the world, through an article exploring the cross as a sign of hope and life to children. She also joined a group of faith leaders to talk about interfaith collaboration and how it begins with children. Read more. Read more about Discussing the Spirituality of the Child
Do your children have classmates or neighbors preparing for a bar/bat mitzvah? Do they have friends who wear a hijab? Do they have grandparents, aunts or uncles who practice Buddhism or Hinduism? Has news from around the world prompted questions about other religions? Exposure to non-Christian religions is more and more common in America, and is part of the reason why interfaith education is important to older children. Read more about Why Interfaith Education?
CCTheo Collaborative: Sacramental Preparation Register now: June 8-11, 2015 in Washington DC Read more about CCTheo Collaborative: Catechists Working Together