2017 Christmas Appeal

Here at CCTheo we give courses, hold events for catechists, develop and ship resources for you and those you serve in the atrium. We receive the responses of children, your ideas and writing to develop, your questions to guide our next steps, and your encouragement through your gifts, orders, and participation in courses and events.

Thank you for all the ways you have joined our work of serving the spiritual life of children and their catechists and parents.

The traditional exchange of gifts at Christmas is important to us right now at CCTheo. With Thanksgiving we are aware of all we have been given and the related desire to give back. There’s also a lull in orders, events, and new courses with a related drop in cash flow at this time. Your gifts help us pay the rent, continue the daily work of the Center through these leaner months, and give us needed time to complete the work and reports of 2017 and discern and organize our work for the coming year

Please consider a monthly or one-time donation to keep the exchange going -

sharing and receiving the many gifts that pass through our Center each year.


Thank you for your support!