Announcing our Weaving Our Gifts 2017 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Elisabeth (Betsy) Coe brings years of experience with the Montessori Method as an educator, researcher, teacher trainer and head of school, working with children across the first three planes (ages 0-18) of development. Her PhD in developmental psychology and adolescence included research on the development of the human brain, especially in adolescence. She has shared her insights and work through numerous articles and talks for Montessori conferences, as well as a presenter at the United Nations NGO Conference in New York, the Hague Appeal for Peace, and the Montessori Model United Nations (peace education). She is organizing one of the seven sites of the 2017 World Adolescent Summit (http://www.montessori-namta.org/Events/MISP).


Bringing all this together for catechists at Weaving Our Gifts, Betsy will offer the following:


Friday Morning Keynote:
From Cosmic Wonder to Cosmic Story to Cosmic Task, The First Three Planes of Spiritual Development
Dr. Coe explores spiritual development through Montessori’s lens of cosmiceducation:
birth–six, cosmic wonder and exploration, ages 6–12, cosmic stories and imagination, and ages 12–18, cosmic action and promise.

Saturday Breakout:
Normalizing a Group that Meets only 1-2 Hours a Week.
Dr. Coe will explore principles and strategies to help children coming to atrium develop into a working Montessori community.

Sunday Morning Keynote: 
Love the One You're With, Serving the Needs and Receiving and Developing the Gifts of Children in Age-Appropriate Ways

In a society that drives children into products and behaviors beyond their years,
a strong sense of the characteristics of children in each cycle in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is needed to serve them well.
Dr. Coe will explore the needs of the children of 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12 atriums,
and ways to fully develop their emerging gifts, including the crucial third year of each cycle.

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