Catherine Maresca

World Religions - Explanation Cards



Children  ages 9-12 and up have an intense interest in the religions of the world. These cards can provide some answers while allowing the child to explore the signs and symbols of up to 7 different religions. The religions included are Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, and Taoism.

Each laminated set has 5-10 labeled pictures with separate description cards and labels for the child to match, much like the 3 part cards used in a Montessori Environment. Children can work independently or with others to explore these faiths of the world.

Cosmic Communion

CCT in Context September 2017

The children of our congregations are coming into the atria this month. They are also going back to school (or resuming homeschool work).  Thus begins another year of integrating two worldviews that are more and more separated by our churches and schools.

The Power of God's Word CCT in Context July 2017

A Reflection by Evelyn O'Boyle


Our friend and atrium colleague, Evelyn O'Boyle, passed into eternal life on June 21, 2017. During my last visit with her she handed me this reflection she had written for the sisters in her order. It's a lovely taste of her deep faith, her love of God's Word, and intimate relationship with the Lord. May you be blessed by her thoughts as we were by her life. - Catherine Maresca

An Oasis of Peace CCT in Context June 2017

The goal is not just to create joy for ourselves but "to be a reservoir of joy, an oasis of peace, a pool of serenity that can ripple out to all those around you."  Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
During a weekend of speaking to catechists in Nashville TN this spring I heard myself using the words, “Make space…” while opening my arms to create a protected circle. I began on Friday talking about toddlers, but even when moved to 3-12-year-olds on Saturday I was still encouraging the group to make space.

Discernment in the Atrium

CCT in Context March 2017 by Catherine Maresca


It’s the Middle of Lent. We had a snow day last week instead of atrium. My birthday is this week, as well as the first day of spring. Everyone I know has been out sick sometime this winter. I had a conference to attend last week, and had to remember to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day.  And I’m trying to get to Mt. Sinai with my Level III group studying the book of Exodus.

All Shall Be Well - CCT in Context January 2017


A couple of weeks before Christmas the 9-12-year-old-children began to plan our Epiphany celebration. We usually follow the format of "Lessons and Carols" often used in churches during the Christmas season: a reading, followed by a prayer, followed by a song. I invited each child to choose any one (or part of one) of the 15 prophecies and infancy narratives used in atrium over the years. We ordered these, then paired them with a song, and, if desired, a prayer was also written and added.

An Easter Blessing CCT in Context April 2017

Catherine offered this painting as a gift to my colleague Kate and I a while ago. She is a third grader, and completed the CGS Reconciliation and Eucharist preparation and liturgies about a year ago. Her painting, bursting with light and life and hope, has one little dot, top center with a semicircle drawn around it. The dot, she told us, represents sin. The semicircle represents people. A faint cross lies behind the dot. But the dominant cross of the painting is about love.