Children and Theology

Issue I January 2000 Theology is “faith seeking understanding” (St. Anselm). But in the 20th Century theologians have learned to pay attention to whose faith is seeking understanding of what […]

The Moral Formation of Children Ages 0-12

Issue IV May 2000 This paper extracts principles of moral formation from the catechetical work of Sofia Cavalletti and the pedagogical work of Maria Montessori. Together the work of these […]

The Foundation of the Human Being

Issue XV Dr. Silvana Montanaro Quattrocchi provides much food for thought about how a child’s first years after birth are so important for the foundation of the human being. Offering five practical […]

Reading the Resurrection Narratives with Children

Issue XIII June 2007 During the 6-12-year-old years of development, the child’s mind looks at the world through new windows of logic, reason, and expanded personal experience. Reading the resurrection […]

The Child as Mystic

Issue XII Sofia Cavalletti, biblical schlolar and founder of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, noticed that the child possesses a mysterious knowledge of God. This is the hallmark of the […]

The Lord’s Prayer as Jewish Prayer

Issue VIII July 2004 Jewish prayer is called the Divine Service of the heart, for our hearts are the temples to which we bring the offering of our prayers. Prayer […]

I Treasure Your Word in My Heart

Issue IX I Treasure Your Word in My Heart: Biblical Background on the Maxims Within the covenant relationship which is foundational to the Judeo-Christian tradition, the voice that calls by […]

Backdoor to Liturgy

Issue V May 2000 This paper is an account of the author’s work of incorporating the rich liturgical presentations of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for 3-6 year old […]