Part of the context of our work at CCTheo is certainly the community of catechists, whose courses, publications, and other services are largely organized by the United States Association of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. And the context of CGSUSA is the US churches and schools that house the many atriums of the country. By virtue of being American, we all struggle with the inherent racism of our society and its institutions, including our churches. How can this racism be shed? Through mutual efforts and creative support at every level of our organizations.

Board elections for CGSUSA are happening now. And there are promising candidates who have committed themselves to this work. We featured the work of nominee Davette Himes last month, and would like to introduce you to nominee Alice Coke as well. She has been meeting with the Engagement Committee of CGSUSA this year, in addition to her long commitment to our work. Anita Vincent, MAPS graduate and catechist from PA, introduces Alice as follows:

Alice Coke is an accomplished catechist and Formation Leader whose passion for CGS and the Gospel way of life has been formed from her experience within diverse communities in various parts of the country. Alice has seed-planted many atria around the country and her interactions with people who live with distinct perspectives, who are nonetheless united in their love for CGS, has served to influence her outlook on the whole of her ministry. She strives to be true to the principles of the founders of CGS as she listens deeply to the children she serves and allows them to help in her own spiritual preparation to serve both children and adults. She is an Episcopalian, currently living in the Nashville, TN area. Alice has served on the CGSUSA Engagement Committee over the year that the committee has been in existence and has brought a unique, attentive, thoughtful and deeply compassionate voice to bear on the anti-bias, anti- racist (ABAR) work of the Committee. Her passion for CGS and the potential it holds for faith formation across the human life span is the gift that she will bring to the Board. 

Please consider voting for Alice Coke and Davette Himes, both candidates who have already shown their commitment to building the Beloved Community in our atriums. Hopefully, consideration of the whole human family will become part all CGSUSA decisions, and reflected in our communications, materials, formation and leadership.

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