Consider sharing the gift of your experiences at Weaving Our Gifts

Consider sharing the gift of your experiences at Weaving Our Gifts in one of these ways:

  • 60 minute paper or presentation. Share your perspective with engaged peers.
  • 90 minute hands-on workshop, mini-class, or in-depth demonstration on topics such as liturgical dance, art, music, cosmic education, etc.
  • 60 minute moderated discussion. Tackle thorny issues and share valuable feedback. Suggest a topic and lead the discussion, or ask us to find a facilitator.
  • Hidden Treasures. What are the trade secrets of your atrium? If presenting to a group feels intimidating, share your treasures in a more relaxed setting! Bring adaptations you've made, children's art, posters, or a tabletop display for others to explore. You'll be there to answer questions one on one, but won't make a formal presentation.

    Send your ideas by March 1, 2017 to celawm@cctheo.org
    Include your full name, mailing address, email address, daytime phone number, denomination, years of experience in an atrium, topic, format (see list bulleted list above), and brief description of work to be shared.

    Within a month of the deadline, applicants will be notified about their inclusion in the conference.