CCTheo offers several courses to prepare adults to work with children in an atrium: 

  • CGS Level 1 for work with 3-6-year-old children
  • Parent-Toddler for 1-2-year-old children (pre-requisite Level I)
  • Atrium Essentials for work with 3-6-year-old children (currently a hybrid course with online sessions and practice in person in local atrium – not certified by CGSUSA)
  • CGS Level 2 for work with 6-9-year-old children
  • CGS Level 3 for work with 9-12 year-old-children

Each course develops content offered in the previous levels, and is designed to attune participants to the religious life of the child and to provide specific methods and materials to foster that life. Course sessions include prayer, presentations of materials, related theology and methodology, discussion of album pages (lesson plans), and work in the atrium. In addition, we offered the country’s first Course for Work with Parents and Toddlers in July 2016, adapted from Level I for toddlers by Davette Himes. This was repeated in July 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023

Catherine Maresca also offers a Level 2.5 Forum online for catechists who had completed Level 2. This forum reviews the child, the atrium and themes for work with 6-9 children, looks at updates and some key presentation, and addresses questions of participants. In addition, we also offer a Level 3.5 Forum with the same format, focusing on 9-12-year-old children and their work.

Course leaders Catherine Maresca and Davette Himes together have over 55 years of experience in atriums  for toddlers through age 12 in both parishes and schools.

Take advantage of our unique training environment: atriums for each level in a Montessori school on the park-like grounds of historic Rock Creek Cemetery, or at All Saints Sharon Chapel in Alexandria, VA. Atrium Essentials online sessions are offered from All Saints.

Enjoy CCTheo’s small course sizes, permanently available sessions for participants to make up or review course content, and course leaders who provide ongoing support and clarification via email.

Refunds, minus $50 administrative charges, will be available until one month before the start of the course.

Contact the Center for Children and Theology, with questions about courses or call (202) 250-5905.