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CCTheo Conversations · Building the Beloved Atrium Community


Join Anita Vincent and Jodi-beth McCain for an initial meeting regarding upcoming plans to conduct research about anti-bias/ anti-racism (ABAR) work in the atrium. This type of investigation can guide us to more effective ABAR work in the future. Anita Vincent is a catechist and theologian in Bethlehem PA. Jodi-beth McCain is Director of Religious […]

CCTheo Conversations · The Blessings of Neurodivergent Children in the Atrium


How do we enlarge the Kingdom of God inside our atria when we encounter a child who is neurodivergent (autistic, ADHD, dyspraxic, or dyslexic)?  Not only will we affirm that the children are a gift and a blessing contributing to the diverse body of Christ, but we will look at how to overcome barriers for […]