CCTheo Conversations · Building the Beloved Atrium Community


Join Anita Vincent and Jodi-beth McCain to discuss conducting action research related to ABAR work. In this session we will focus on selecting a research question. This type of investigation can guide us to more effective ABAR work in the future. This conversation is part of a series. If you attended the last session, we […]

Weaving Our Gifts

We are re-imagining the format of Weaving Our Gifts: A Conference of Catechists. Please check back soon for updates.

CCTheo Conversations · Building Community with Parents in the Atrium: Play, Pray, Email!


Welcoming and involving parents in the atrium community is less about meetings and parent education than creating opportunities for parents to experience child-led liturgy together (followed by food), chat around outside equipment while their children play, and read brief emails about the work in the atrium. Bring your best experiences to this CCTheo conversation led […]