Happy Thanksgiving!

November 2020

by Catherine Maresca

2020 is the 25th year of the Center for Children and Theology. While we couldn’t celebrate as planned, there are many reasons to be grateful despite the challenges of the year. Or perhaps the list of  the many gifts you shared is long because of the challenges of the year. And so I want to offer thanks.

For the CCTheo staff. Davette Himes pivoted to online formation work for the Parent Toddler course this summer and CGS Essential for the 3-6 Atrium during this year, making ongoing formation accessible despite the pandemic. Katie Krolczyk moved inventory and shipping into her house to continue to accommodate your orders carefully and promptly. Jane Hall-Williams’ editing and graphics artistry has brought you weekly communications via email, and constant tweaking of our old website (and the new one coming in 2021). And our four families, who have made space for CCTheo work within their homes.

For the CCTheo board. Amanda Messinger, a founding board member since 1995, now serves as President. Kristi Medley, who worked in our office for many years and brings that experience to her position on the board. Robert Eikel, our treasurer, willingly reads reports and leads the board through financial decisions. Allison Winter, Del Christian, Rev. Catherine Powell, and recently added Rebecca Malone offer lively ideas and sound advice. The board meets from  states from California to Connecticut as well as Canada, includes three Episcoplians and three Catholics, catechists from both schools and parishes, and parents and grandparents of young children and grown children.

For those of you who have led CCTheo Conversations. Ann Garrido on Truth; Hallie Goertner, Anna Hurdle, and Oona Waxenfelter on virtual atrium work with children; Nancy Almquist on singing with children on Zoom; and Anita Vincent, Kristi Medley, and Jodi-beth McCain on Building the Beloved Atrium Community – anti-racism work in our atria and churches. Peg Burns will lead the December conversation on the Nonviolence of the Incarnation (see below to register). And all of you who attended and contributed to these conversations.

And for all of you who have joined our courses, purchased resources, and  made generous donations, keeping us financially afloat during this uncertain year. Your participation builds community and helps our CGS work embrace the challenges of the present time.

My heart is full of gratitude, (along with masks, measuring sticks, and hand sanitizer)!

Thanksgiving blessings to all of you.

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