Listening to the Child

Listening to the child with respect and humility was the foundation of educator Maria Montessori’s work. We invite you to read through these posts from our collection of art, theological comments and prayers of children, and share your own reflections. Considering these responses together may help us deepen our understanding of the mysteries of the child and God.

"Light Starts"

After beginning to reflect on the Lord's Prayer Sam's mother said he got in the car and wrote down the following,
     "Night Ends
     Light Starts
     Thank you God for making the light
     Night begins mad dies
     Start the day with a hi
     End it with a Good Night to You."

God opened up the light!

     In response to an introduction to the Our Father, Sam, age 7, rushed to his
     journal to write the following: "The Lord God showed us the
     light of the world. He opened up the light and everyone saw. The
     Lord Makes my life easier for me. Thank you Lord."

It's a party!

Danny, age 4, was working with the model altar when he announced, "These are the things that get ready for the party of Jesus.” 

Getting Ready for the Kindom

During a reflection on the parable of the Wedding Banquet, Fiona, age 7, said about the clothes, “Oh, Jesus was talking about getting ready for God’s kingdom and we have to get our hearts ready.”


A Daughter of God


Nell, age 6, was working with the Maxim, “Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit”.  She explained, “This [maxim] makes me feel like the Daughter of God.”


God is Hugging Me

Patrick, age 6, and I were talking about cross meditation.  When I wondered how he felt as he held the cross he had chosen, he responded, “happy.”  When I wondered what he thought about the cross, he explained, “that God is hugging me.”


Everybody's a Family

Lara, age 5, had just received the presentation on the Found Sheep.  She asked to sing the Good Shepherd song (a song that I’ve been working on writing and had shared a bit with her).  We sang together and then she suggested that the song needed more verses.  She suggested, “I love the sheep, and the sheep love me” and we sang this.  She then began to meditate on the Good Shepherd, for the next hour she meditated and periodically come to me to offer another “verse” for the song.  These were the verses:

      Everybody’s a family.
      Everybody in the green tree is a family.
      All the birds that sing are in the family.
      Everybody that are animals are in the family.
      Everything that sings is part of me.
      All the trees I see is a part of me.
      And I love green beans.
      And I love all the twinkles in the trees.

●      And I love green beans

●      And I love all the monkeys in the trees.



Evan, age 4, working with the Eucharistic Presence material, explained as he placed two figures of sheep close to the Good Shepherd, “Me and Kelly want to snuggle with the Good Shepherd.”


The Seeds of Faith

Tricia wrote this poem after the reflection on the parable of the sower.

We each have a seed sprouting in us.
It is our faith.
If we take care of it, it will grow.
If we ignore it, it will wither away.
The seed is a magical place.
It is where you and God learn and love each other.
How big is your seed?