Listening to the Child

Listening to the child with respect and humility was the foundation of educator Maria Montessori’s work. We invite you to read through these posts from our collection of art, theological comments and prayers of children, and share your own reflections. Considering these responses together may help us deepen our understanding of the mysteries of the child and God.

When he rose, he came back

At the presentation of the Baptism materials, jacqueline, age 3, told me, "The light is Jesus. When he died it went out. When he rose it came back."


Reflections during the presentation of Baptism materials:

Jacqueline, age 3, said, "The white garment reminds us of Jesus because its white like his light."

Abel, age 4, said that the Oil of the Catachumens is "strong because it comes from God."

Sonia, age 5, said, "Jesus is in our heart."

Tessa, age 4, said, "Jesus' light is in us."

Shine your light on us

A group of 10-11 year old girls wrote this blessing for their new atrium space:

Atrium of the Good Shepherd  

Shine your light on us, oh Lord
So that we may worship you in happiness.
Oh Lord, our Shepherd, lead all your flocks to peace.
Guide us through our journeys with love and life,
So we may serve you wholeheartedly,
Until the day when there is one flock and one sheepfold. Amen

The light builds life within me

"The candle is a bright light
It guides me through dark periods of my life.
The light gives me great thoughts.
The darkness shades me from the world.
Why do I like the light?
It shields me from the dark and gives me hope.
The light builds life within me.
It's my connection with God."

A Reflection written by a group of 9-12 year old children.

I see God!

A mother & child walked a labryinth together. The child, age 5, ran through labyrinth w/great joy. Arriving at the center, the child shouted, "I see GOD!"

Birth and Death

Wallace, age seven, has been in the atrium for three years. He was just presented the City of Jerusalem today, where we lit a small candle next to the empty tomb to symbolize the resurrection.  Wallace then went to do the baptism work for the umpteenth time.   He was about halfway through lighting the small candles from the large paschal candle, when he paused, looked at the paschal candle and the smaller candles, and said, "Wow -- birth and death -- all at once in the same place."

God will be all in all

Julie, age 8, wrote this prayer and decorated the border:
Perhaps tomorrow
Perhaps in five years
Maybe thirteen centuries
A wonderful thing will happen
The people, men and women,
shall drink the water of Baptism
And God will be all in all.

He loves us so much

After the Liturgy of the Light, Dalia, 4, went home and told her mother, "You know, Mum, Jesus is the Light and he likes to share his light with us, to you and me, because he loves us so much."

He would need his power now

During a "review" of Good Shepherd presentation at the beginning of the new school year;
Q: What do you already know about the Good Shepherd?"
Blake: "The Good Shepherd was Jesus. When Jesus decided to leave heaven and come down to earth, the angels held his power for him. And on the day when he went down under the water to get baptized, those angels brought him down his power and sprinkled it all through him like glitter, because they knew he would need his power now."

We don't always see

Ethan, age 3 asked me if we could see heaven. His catechist told him that we have to get our eyes ready to see it.  Then he looked over at the cross on the relief map of Jerusalem and asked if we have to die first.  His 4 year old sister Becca said, "Well, Jesus is with us everywhere, loving us and forgiving us and he is in heaven, so heaven is right here and even in our homes.  We just don't always see it.