Easter Appeal

In these times of political turmoil and choices being made in the public sphere that may have far-reaching consequences for vulnerable people everywhere many are asking, “What should we do?” “Where shall we offer support?” As I’ve followed these conversations on social media and in public and private circles several have ended with, “Children…education.” I agree that children are our best investment in the future as well as sources of wisdom and insight today.  

In this time of Lent as we prepare for the death and resurrection of Jesus, we hear the words from the Gospel of Matthew 26:26:

Jesus took bread, said the blessing, broke it and giving it to his disciples said, “Take and eat; this is my body.” One catechist noted:

When were talking about the gesture of the breaking of the bread with children one day one of them said, “Jesus’ heart was broken in two.  Then he shared it with everybody.  Not just one or two people.  EVERYBODY.”  This child understood that Jesus’ broken heart didn’t mark the end of a relationship, but a new way of sharing his heart and his love with everyone.

Here at the Center for Children and Theology children have been our focus for twenty-two years. Montessori’s view of the child is wholistic – they are physical, emotional, rational, and spiritual beings. And while many institutions serve children, we are one that has paid particular attention to the spiritual life of children.

Young children have remarkable spiritual strength and insight. As they mature, that strength and insight may be nurtured by appropriate language, rituals, and signs. When this happens, a foundation of hope, resilience, and compassion is established for both personal and public life.  Through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, as well as other Montessori-based ways of nurturing the spirit in various faith traditions, children have the opportunity to be active in their own life of faith, rather than to be passively filled, taught, or organized.

CCTheo has worked to support this effort of children, and of the adults who serve them. Your gifts provide the investment in research, writing, and speaking that lead to our resources and events that bear fruit in the lives of our children and our society in the years to come. Please give today to bless the future of our children, our communities, and our earth.