CCT in Context – Kristi Medley

Monthly letters to help put the work of the catechist of the Good Shepherd into the context of the larger world · from the archives

by Catherine Maresca

Lindy, Tim and Kristi

Shortly after CCTheo opened twenty years ago, Kristi Medley joined us as an intern, sharing her time between Christian Family Montessori School and our office. Kristi brought to the Center her passion for children, a commitment to their spiritual lives, and the tenacity to conquer the mysteries of the internet and create our first website. She has served in many roles, including graphic artist, editor, IT specialist, minder of our FB page Listening to the Child with the Center for Children and Theology, and board member. She has also been a steadfast source of support, feedback, and ideas as CCT developed from its early days of providing Scripture Booklets and CGS courses to the abundance of resources we now offer catechists and parents. All while teaching in a 3-6 classroom at CFMS.

In particular, her expertise as a Montessori teacher and her commitment to social and racial justice have shaped many of the materials and publications we have developed here. Her sense of humor has added enjoyment to every day we worked together.

This summer, Kristi decided to move to a new full-time position at the school as Director of Education. With her baby Ella just a year old, we knew her job with us was coming to an end. But she was impossible to replace with just one person! Happily, Tim Waxenfelter joined us as the website and IT expert we need for every communication with you. Lindy Rivera is returning as an administrative assistant, keeping up with the many tasks related to offering our courses, conferences, materials and publications. Between the three of us, we hope to get Kristi’s work done.

CCTheo has been blessed by its staff, drawn largely from friends at Christian Family Montessori School. Together we hope to bless you and your work.

– Catherine, Lindy, and Tim

I found the Center for Children and Theology just as I was beginning my work with young children in a Montessori classroom. I had the practical experience of being in the classroom, while at CCTheo, I was being exposed to the question, Who is the child and what can we learn from them if we are observant enough to truly listen? Catherine has such wisdom and understanding of the depths and capabilities of the child. Working closely with her for so many years was such a treasure, and it has shaped not only my work with children, but also the person I want to be. I truly believe CCTheo’s work is a gift to the world!

— Kristi Medley, Director of Education Christian Family Montessori School

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