Sand Labyrinth


For thousands of years, archetypal labyrinth patterns have been used as a powerful tool for resolving problems, access to inner peace, and spiritual alignment. A simple, yet highly effective practice, walking or tracing a labyrinth quiets the mind and takes you to a place where you can hear your own wisdom with clarity and calmness. 

This meditation tool, held in the lap, is particularly appealing to 8-12 year old children for us in personal prayer. Package includes wooden box, two patterns, a supply of sand, and a booklet about the labyrinth written by author Lauren Artress, founder of Veriditas, the Worldwide Labyrinth Project and renowned expert on the subject. 

Included in The Sand Labyrinth are a 10" square sandbox, a double-sided labyrinth (flip over to change the pattern) that fits perfectly underneath a layer of fine white sand for finger tracing.

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