Annual Report 2013

CCTheo uses its funds in three general ways:

Courses and Events ($22840):

In 2013
    • We conducted CGS courses at each Level led by Davette Himes and Catherine Maresca, and concluded a Level I summer course.
    • We created a new CGS event, the CCTheo Collaborative: Catechists Working Together, on the subject of Parent Education – led by Deb Pelletier, Becky Rochford, and Catherine Maresca
    • We sponsored two Round Tables for local catechists on the topics of the toddler atrium (Davette Himes) and observation (Jane Scheuermann)
    • Catherine Maresca spoke at the American Montessori Conference
In 2014 we will
  • conclude the Level III course and start a Level I course
  • Catherine Maresca will speak at the CGS event, The New Child, the New Adult in Phoenix, Arizona
  • exhibit at FaithForward (Nashville) and at the 60th Anniversary of the Catechesis of the Good Shephard  (Phoenix)
  • offer Round Tables in the Spring (the home atrium) and Fall
  • Catherine Maresaca will speak at the American Montessori Society conference in Dallas, and prepare to speak at the AMS conference in Philadelphia in 2015 on “The Spiritual Preparation of the Teacher - an Interfaith Approach”.

Publications and Materials:

In 2013 ($19435)
  • we published editions of ECHOES on Serving Children on the Autism Spectrum, and Science and the Catechist
  • posted a video featuring the WOG keynote speech by Linda Gibler on Science, Religion, Human Origins, and the Role of the Catechist.
  • provided books and materials and other atrium resources to catechists around the country through our website www.cctheo.org 
In 2014 we will
  • publish an Occasional Paper “Building a Foundation for Interfaith Understanding with Children in the 2-6 and 6-9 Atriums of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd” by Anita Vincent.
  • publish issues of ECHOES on Parent Education and the Next 60 Years of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
  • publish a timeline for children ages 9+ on the History of Christianity (developed by Carol Hanlon)
  • publish Hands on Islam (Catherine Maresca) an experience to introduce Islam to people ages 9+
  • publish Grace and Courtesy, by Alicia Olsen, a book to introduce and remind a group of children of the habits of a peaceful Montessori–based community.
  • release a new timeline, the History of Christianity, created by Carol Hanlon. 

Research and Development ($12757)

Events, Publications and Research are all interrelated. Your questions and concerns generate areas of study of a topic related to ministry to children in the church. These are explored at our conferences, collaboratives and Round Tables, and often generate further study that leads to the publications or materials offered in our catalog.

While the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, in which our work is rooted, is built on the constants of Bible, liturgy and the unique spirituality of children, the situations in which we work, influences on our children, pastoral needs of children, catechists and other adults are shifting. As we learn to serve children in many denominations, incorporate a growing body of knowledge (science, anthropology, Biblical archeology, etc.), work in an increasingly multi-cultural and interfaith environment, and minister to children with a variety of special needs, ongoing study, new or updated materials, and a healthy sharing of our experiences “on the ground” is needed.

CCTheo invites you to participate in this process through our events and publications, financial support, and the questions, expertise and experience you bring to the CCTheo endeavors.

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