New books published by CCTheo!

Announcing the second edition of
Scripture Booklets: Set One

After 30 years and feedback from the catechists who use these beloved texts, we have updated our scripture booklets to better suit the needs of the children of the atrium. In preparation for the first US CGS course at Christian Family Montessori School, our Scripture Booklets were translated into English, then edited by Sofia Cavalletti herself. In the updated version, Sofia's edits remain, but in the new Scripture Booklets we've included:

  • all new calligraphy and illustrations by Joan Bennett, the original artist of the first edition
  • a cover that is more resistant to the effects of children's hands
  • updated edits based on changes by CGS, inclusive language, and ease of reading
  • include a Spanish translation on the last page, prepared by Jodi-beth McCain.
  • are a smaller size (5.5" x 6.5") to fit on the shelf and in the children's hands more comfortably
  • have a simple drawing on each cover so the children can easily identify the text within

More information about the revised Scripture Booklets

Grace and Courtesy: A picture guide for children and adults

Artist and Montessori teacher Alicia Olsen has created an easel book with paintings of 16 lessons for Grace and Courtesy. Each page is a painting with a simple sentence that you can use to demonstrate a lesson to children, or reinforce by setting a particular page on a shelf at the children's eye-level. Perfect for children ages 3-9. A page of text for adults guides them in choosing and introducing a new lesson. 

"The book Grace and Courtesy is excellent.  I am working in a Public School kindergarten class and my students love it.  We read one page and keep looking at it for a day or more. The gentle pictures and one thought on each page captures their attention and we refer back to it throughout our day.  Thanks."  —Rosemary

More information about Grace and Courtesy