CCTheo Collaborative: Catechists Working Together

with Catherine Maresca and Deb Pelletier

CCTheo Collaboratives for your region:

Our Collaboratives gather a group of catechists who would like to work together on the announced topic. A small group of leaders facilitate the work of the group and serve as resources on the announced topic. The Collaborative lasts for several days, and includes time to work together and alone on goals related to the topic set by each participant.

  • 2-3 days of work dedicated to the topic
  • peer and leader support to set your goals and develop a plan you can implement when you leave
  • topics include Parent Education, Sacramental Preparation, or others determined by the needs of your region
  • resources and background provided by team leaders

To schedule a Collaborative for your area, contact Catherine Maresca at the Center for Children and Theology.

In 2013 we explored the topic of Parent Education, to strengthen your program as you help your parents begin to understand the work of their children in the atrium. Here’s one participant’s reflection on the CCTheo Collaborative: 

The Parent Communication Collaborative was a delightful experience. Instead of recreating needed resources and ideas, we all shared what we had. Together we explored what was still missing and dreamed of what could be. But in addition to talking about possibilities, we used the built-in work times to actually create together, in pairs or small groups, exactly what we needed in our own atria. The atmosphere of the retreat center, the format, and the facilitators all made this a most fruitful time together. I left not just with practical parent communication tools and a specific plan for my own atria, but with a deep gratitude for the generous encouragement of fellow catechists. Indeed, we are never in this work of "The Catechesis" alone!  –Susan Stith, Portage PA

In 2015 We explored the topic of Sacramental Preparation, adapting Sofia’s model for your situation considering diocesan requirements, large numbers, space constraints, parish traditions, school settings, denominational practices etc.  Each participant developed a plan that fit her needs! 

I wanted to let you know that our second graders celebrated their First Reconciliation the second week of Advent. The parents embraced the white garment and lighting candles from the Paschal candle. Thank you for your guidance given at the Sacramental Preparation Collaborative you held in June. Knowing Sofia's plan for not only Sacramental Prep, but also how to celebrate the Sacraments helped us create an environment that was truly grace filled. One parishioner who came to church that morning for other reasons commented on the joy she saw in the children, moving around in their white garments.Thank you, again, for sitting with all of us who attended your workshop. Your encouragement to return with my 'plan' to my parish became very fruitful. Sr. Jane, our DRE, ordered the pocket gospels. I scheduled the 5 family sessions to do the meditations. Though we are nowhere close to Sophia's model, we are certainly moving in that direction.  -Patty Howell, Glen Rock, PA

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