CCT Around the Country

March 3-4 Atlanta

Catechists in the Atlanta area will gather with Catherine Maresca

Walking with Children into Prayer, Scripture and Sacred History

9:30-11:30 The development of prayer in the life of children ages 3-12.

  • The characteristics of the child at different stages of development.
  • The needs of the child at each stage and how we can meet them.
  • How the scripture offers children language for prayer.

1-3:30 The unfolding of Sacred History through scripture.

  • Our role as catechists in communicating Sacred History (i.e. use of timelines).
  • Old Testament and Gospel narratives as the foundation of our sacred story.


March 22-25 Denver AMS Conference

Catherine Maresca and Anna Hurdle will lead a

Networking Session for Faith-Based Montessori Environments

on Saturday March 24, 12:30 PM


June 18-29 Santa Barbara, CA

Catherine Maresca will lead a

Level II Course in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd


July 16-20 Durham, NC

 Catherine Maresca will lead the second of a three part

Level III Course in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd