• Catherine Maresca in her 9-12 atrium

Catherine Maresca

In June 2014, the director of the Center for Children and Theology, Catherine Maresca, wound up 32 years of serving as a catechist on the staff of Christian Family Montessori School, freeing her to consult, write, and present at catechetical days, retreats, and conferences.

She is available to consult by phone or in person with catechists preparing new atriums, catechists offering inhouse training, or DREs/DCEs doing long range planning for CGS.

Her presentations explore various themes of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for children ages 3-12, including Reconciliation, Baptism, Eucharist, the Parable Method, the Prophets, Moral Formation, the Montessori Method and Religious Formation, Spiritual Preparation of the Catechist, and Interfaith Education.

Since beginning her research and writing as a catechist she has been a conference presenter at the Liturgy Symposium at Notre Dame; Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity; American Montessori Society Conferences; Weaving Our Gifts, a Conference for Catechists; Washington, DC Archdiocesan Catechetical Conference; and days of reflection for catechists in Los Angeles, Nashville and Phoenix.

Inquire at celawm@cctheo.org for dates and rates.

In 1982, Catherine began her training in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd with its founder, Sofia Cavalletti as well as Rebekah Rojcewicz. Since that time, Catherine has spent over 30 years working with children in atriums. She went on to become a formation leader in CGS across the United States and in Uganda.

Please contact the Center for Children and Theology at celawm@cctheo.org for more information about inviting Catherine to speak or consult, based on her great depth of knowledge of the rich spirituality of the child.