Child Response Form

Keen observation and reflection is the foundation of the work of both Maria Montessori and Sofia Cavalletti. Thanks to their humble willingness to learn from the child, these women have helped us to see who the child is, as well as the child's spiritual gifts and needs.

Our goal at the Center for Children and Theology is to continue this discipline of observation and reflection. For years the Center for Children and Theology has collected a database of art, responses and prayers of children that reflect their understanding of God. Looking at these responses as a group may help us deepen our understanding of the mysteries of the child and God.

To read through some of the entries in our database, you can now visit our blog, Listening to the Child with The Center for Children and Theology or become a Fan of our page on Facebook. Each week we post a new entry from our database, with the hope that through the COMMENTS section, you will enter into conversation with us about what the child is telling us about the nature of God.

To submit a child's reflection to be added to our database, please complete the form below. All children's names and personal details will be changed if used in our publications.

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Child's Information

Quotation from Child, written or spoken, or observation of movement. If the response involves a child's artwork, please describe the art and attach it below. Also, please describe the context as it applies: the group, the child's work with a particular material, significant gestures, etc.
If applicable, attach a copy of the child's art.
e.g. recent family events such as births, deaths, a move, school events, health conditions or disability

Catechist's Information