Parent Toddler Course Information

The Center for Children and Theology offered the country’s first Course for Work with Parents and Toddlers in July 2016, adapted from Level I for toddlers by Davette Himes. Over the years, we have published several articles describing different aspects of our Parent Toddler Course. Click any of the links below to learn more about this practical and innovative approach to working with toddlers and their parents.

My Time in the Parent Toddler Atrium by Allison Winter

Formation from the Start: Serving Toddlers AND Parents by Catherine Maresca

Equipping Parents for Life in the Sheepfold by Catherine Maresca

Davette Himes working with a toddler and parent in the toddler environment at All Saints Episcopal Church in Alexandria, VA.

Our Parent Toddler Course is not currently enrolling but check back soon for the dates of our next session!

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