Using Advent Prophecies at Home

When my daughter Annie was born 33 years ago, Judy Main gave our family the gift of four Messianic prophecies written in her own beautiful calligraphy. I mounted these on purple poster board, and added yellow art paper that would form a star when all four prophecies were posted together on our dining room wall.

We began a family tradition that year. Every evening before dinner during the first week of Advent we recited a prophecy as we lit the Advent wreath. During the second week we recited two prophecies. During the third week, three prophecies. And in the fourth week, right up until Christmas Eve, we recited all four.

Thirty-one years later Charley and I still light our Advent wreath and recite these beautiful prophecies. The promise of hope and peace resounds in us and in our (grown) children, and stirs the memory of years of proclaiming together, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light” (Isaiah 9, 1).

A few years ago, Judy created a set of these prophecies for CCTheo to share with the families of our atria. They can be mounted to the wall one by one, forming a complete by Christmas. We invite you to share them as a gift to your families.

May the light and peace of Christ be among you during the Advent season,
Catherine Maresca

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