CCT in Context

Lent: A time for Remaining


Once again we come to Lent, a time of year when the parable of the True Vine can guide our observance. Last year at the beginning of Lent I asked myself, "What helps me to remain, to leave behind the tasks of daily life and relax into the presence of God?"

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Talking to Parents about CGS in Plain Language

Sometimes those of us who know the value of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd don’t know how to tell other people about it. We are drawn to it because of its deep rootedness in the heart of our faith, but it may be particularly hard to speak about it with people on the outskirts of the faith community.... read more

For Advent - Holy Telephone Booth!

CCT in Context December 2017

by Catherine Maresca

Late this spring, after a long study of the Exodus and celebration with a Seder, a 9-12-year-old group began to explore the meaning of the signs of the book of Exodus.

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What Kind of Time is It?

CCT in Context November 2017

by Catherine Maresca

A time for tears?
A time for laughter?
A time for mourning?
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The Innkeeper in a Time of Need


Last week a catechist sent me the reflection of... read more

Cosmic Communion

The children of our congregations are coming into the atria this month. They are also going back to school (or resuming homeschool work).  Thus begins another year of integrating two worldviews that are more and more separated by our churches and schools.

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Practical Life CCT in Context August 2017

As we prepare our atriums for the new year, our attention often returns to practical life. These materials, while not explicitly religious, help set the stage for prayerful work throughout the year.

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The Power of God's Word CCT in Context July 2017


Our friend and atrium colleague, Evelyn O'Boyle, passed into eternal life on June 21, 2017. During my last visit with her she handed me this reflection she had written for the sisters in her order. It's a lovely taste of her deep faith, her love of God's Word, and intimate relationship with the Lord. May you be... read more

An Oasis of Peace CCT in Context June 2017

The goal is not just to create joy for ourselves but "to be a reservoir of joy, an oasis of peace, a pool of serenity that can ripple out to all those around you."  Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
During a weekend of speaking to catechists in Nashville TN this spring I heard myself using the words, “Make space…” while opening my... read more

Discernment in the Atrium


It’s the Middle of Lent. We had a snow day last week instead of atrium. My birthday is this week, as well as the first day of spring. Everyone I know has been out sick sometime this winter. I had a conference to attend last week, and had to remember to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day.  And I’m trying to get to Mt. Sinai with my Level III... read more