CCT in Context

The Community of Catechists by Catherine Maresca


I was in my early twenties when I experienced the amazing power of a small group of people committed to one another and a common work. In 1971, I joined a group of about eight adults in the Catholic charismatic renewal movement that chose to live in community. Within a short time we had become a group home for... read more

All Shall Be Well - CCT in Context January 2017


A couple of weeks before Christmas the 9-12-year-old-children began to plan our Epiphany celebration. We usually follow the format of "Lessons and Carols" often used in churches during the Christmas season: a reading, followed by a prayer, followed by a song. I invited each child to choose any one (or part of one) of the 15... read more

An Easter Blessing CCT in Context April 2017

Catherine offered this painting as a gift to my colleague Kate and I a while ago. She is a third grader, and completed the CGS Reconciliation and Eucharist preparation and liturgies about a year ago. Her painting, bursting with light and life and hope, has one little dot, top center... read more

Grateful for Every Faith CCT in Context November 2016


... read more

CCT in Context October 2016: Communion of the Holy Ones

 The Communion of the Holy Ones

CCT in Context: October 2016

This month we travel from the feast of St Francis, through the final gathering of our harvests and glorious turning of the leaves, to the feasts of All Souls and All Saints.

Communio Sanctorum translates... read more

CCT in Context September 2016 The Atrium Community


For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” Mt. 18, 20.

As we prepare to gather with children once again in our atriums, we may recall the caution of Sofia Cavalletti that the atrium is not the church; we are preparing children for... read more

CCT in Context July 2016: Who's In Your Sheepfold?


“Jesus tells us he is the Good Shepherd. I wonder who the sheep are…”

These words, or ones like them, are offered to young children in atriums each week as they hear about the Good Shepherd. And catechists are privileged to watch the joyful epiphany of those same children, who one... read more

CCT in Context June 2016: In Her Words: A Response to the Pulse Shooting

Our context this month is certainly the murders in Orlando on June 12, with the intersecting violence of guns with anti-Gay, anti-Muslim, and anti-Latin@ “isms” in our society. I would like to consider the intersection of the LGBTQ community and our atriums.

This week, a young trans woman shared a... read more

CCT in Context May 2016: A Look Back at a Year in the Atrium

Our after school atrium program closes today, and I’ve spent the week thinking about the past year with twenty 6-12-year-old children and a co-catechist, Victoria. My thoughts turn first to what could have been better. The first thing that comes to mind, is not a child or a material in the environment, but myself. Was I... read more

Nonviolence in the Family, in the Atrium and in the Church CCT in Context April 2016

Easter Greetings! Every year since learning to observe Good Friday in somber silence as a child, I find that day intensely grasps my attention.  This year every painful loss of 2015 seemed to gather like layers of wax into a ball of pain big enough to close the tomb of Jesus. Saturday passed... read more