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Lingering in Prayer, CCT in Context March 2016


Recently a six year old child in the lower elementary class spent most of the morning in the atrium.  She worked quietly, focused on her... read more

A Lenten Make Over, CCT in Context February 2016


As Lent begins we prepare ourselves for our celebration of Easter. For much of my life, the Easter cycle was divided into two parts: Lent, with a focus on sacrifice and death, and Easter, with a focus on Resurrection. Part one was a long 40 days, part two... read more

A Civil Conversation, CCT in Context January 2016

After the democratic primary in 2008, one of the girls in my 9-12 atrium asked me whom I had voted for. When I told her, she announced to the room that I was “against” the other leading candidate. So I stopped her and asked her in front of the group what I had said. And what did... read more



"A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap."  Luke 6... read more

Gratefully Yours

Gratefully Yours

There is no better summary of the words and work of the catechist than "Jesus is giving the gifts of love."

CCT in Context -- Kristi Medley

Shortly after CCTheo opened twenty years ago, Kristi Medley joined us as an intern, sharing her time between Christian Family Montessori School and our office. Kristi brought to the Center her passion for children, a commitment to their spiritual lives, and the tenacity to conquer the mysteries of the internet and create our first website. She has... read more

The History of Christanity

Do you serve children from more than one denomination in your atrium?

Do you serve children whose parents or close family members are in more than one denomination?

Do you have neighbors from other denominations?

Do the children you serve go to school with... read more

Prophetic Catechists


This year the Weaving Our Gifts keynote presentations will Biblical scholar Bruce Birch, speaking on the prophets. These choices were made almost a year ago, and events in our society of the past year have only reinforced the need to reinvigorate our work with the prophets and the prophetic message.

The topic of the prophets... read more

Way of Nonviolence

There is little need to point out the lack of peace at every level of human society. From the family, to local communities, to national and international relations, as well as our relationship with creation itself, there is a dire need today to imbue our lives with nonviolent love. This was... read more

Celebrating 20 years of CCTheo


... read more