What Does the Lord Require?

The Old Testament Call to Social Witness

Bruce Birch was the keynote speaker at CCTheo's October, 2015 Weaving Our Gifts on Prophetic Leadership. The talks reflect his years of scholarship as a professor, writer and dean at Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington DC. At his suggestion we had a limited edition of this book printed for the conference to compliment his work with us. He considers the history of the Jewish people expressed in the accounts of creation, exodus, covenant, kingship, exile and restoration as related to the life and witness of the church today.

Scripture Booklets (Set Two)

Revised Edition

For use at home or in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium - Level 2 (6-9), plus four parable booklets for Level 3 (9-12). Edited by Sofia Cavalletti

Scripture Booklets isolate texts particularly appropriate for children and presents them with one verse per page so that attention can be given to each idea in the text. The texts were chosen by Sofia Cavalletti. Simply illustrated with only one drawing in each booklet so the child's reflection will be encouraged but not limited by the artwork.

Using 3-6 Materials in the 6-9 Atrium

A one-day Workshop Offered on Demand,

Most of the essential themes and materials offered in the 3-6 atrium are also present in the 6-9 atrium, but are used with older children with some additional points of discussion and new ways to work with the material. This workshop will introduce participants to the characteristics of the 6-9 year old child and explore their implications for use with older children. Offered in the summer or fall when a group requests it.

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CCTheo Collaborative: Catechists Working Together


CCTheo Collaboratives can be brought to your region! Led by Deb Pelletier and Catherine Maresca. We are ready to help catechists develop their programs with the help of their peers and time set aside to focus on the topics of Sacramental Preparation or Parent Education.

Music of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd


Music has a very important place in the prayer of children and life in the CGS atrium. To encourage the use of good music and lyrics, Treehaus Communications, musicians in Nashville, and catechist/formation leader Catherine Maresca created Sing With Joy and Songs of Love, two books with a CD of age- and theme-appropriate music for the atrium. For CGS Course Leaders, we want to help you bring good music to your courses. We would like to offer the following music in PDF files for free download.

Godly Play vs. the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd


For several years two methods of religious education that use a Montessori method of teaching have been available to Christian Educators. These programs are Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and Godly Play. Due to the similarities in the way material is presented to children, Christian Educators often ask what is the difference between the two? My purpose in writing this paper is to outline some differences between Godly Play and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Grace and Courtesy

A picture guide for children and adults


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The lessons of Grace and Courtesy in Montessori environments that replace "classroom management" help children to build community together. Simple sentences and related art will quide you through the lessons of Grace and Courtesy and serve as a gentle reminder of the practices that create harmony among children.