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  1. Children and Theology

    ... I have witnessed this joy countless times, often in the form of spontaneous song in which “Alleluia” is a frequent word. Kevin’s ...

    catherine - Aug 01, 2017

  2. The Foundation of the Human Being

    ... in this delicate and precious period of life a sacrilegious form of enslavement of the children is practised, the seeds of life will ...

    catherine - Nov 30, 2017

  3. Reading the Resurrection Narratives with Children

    ... disciples of Christ will no longer see him in his earthly form. But, they will know that he is still with them when they bless and break ...

    catherine - Aug 01, 2017

  4. Living the Light: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Presentations

    ... Good choices cannot be forced – that would also be a form of violence. But the words of Scripture and the life of Jesus show us the ...

    kristi - Aug 01, 2017

  5. Children, Signs, and Spiritual Literacy: An Interfaith Experience

    ... is neither mere coexistence nor forced consensus. It is a form of proactive cooperation that affirms the identity of the constituent ...

    kristi - Aug 01, 2017