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  1. Children and Theology

    ... our understanding of God becomes multifaceted. Together, the events and people of the Bible reveal not many gods, but one God; not many ...

    catherine - Aug 01, 2017

  2. Join our mailing list

    ... Interested in: Courses, events, etc. taking place in the DC Metropolitan Area. Children's ...

    root - Jan 16, 2014

  3. What Kind of Time is It?

    ... contemplate the season’s feasts, civic life, and personal events with the older children.   It seems to me the words of the prophet ...

    catherine - Dec 08, 2017

  4. Annual Report

    ... and maintain these projects, provide scholarships to our events, and stretch the dollars generated by program fees and sales. We welcome ...

    cedc - Jan 03, 2014

  5. The Spiritual Preparation of the Teacher, an Interfaith Approach

    ... colleagues, your materials, your environment, your special events… What are variations you might easily and comfortably incorporate ...

    catherine - Aug 01, 2017

  6. Children and Eucharist in the Roman Catholic and Episcopal Traditions

    ... who had been able to receive the Bread and Wine at diocesan events with his mother but was not able to receive it at his home parish. His ...

    catherine - Jan 03, 2018