Annual Appeal 2022

Help us achieve our goal of growing our monthly donor base!

Your sustaining gift assures our ability to research and develop resources and programs. Schedule a monthly donation today and become part of the community that contributes to a solid foundation for the important work of serving those who seek to nurture children’s spiritual lives.

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Your support allows us to:

  • create resources
  • research + explore circumstances that impact our work with adults and children
  • offer courses, conversations and workshops for professional growth


What we are working on:

Building the Beloved Atrium Community

We must all do our part to affect the changes needed to build the Beloved Community. CCTheo has created a space for conversation and sharing in addition to offering resources to make sure we are welcoming all children to God’s Table. 

Growing our online community

  • Atrium Assistants Course
  • Group Spiritual Companionship
  • We support catechists with monthly Conversations hosted online.
  • We’ve created online forums to review Level 2 + 3 courses.


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