Celtic Cross Mandalynth

A Mandalynth is a focus tool traced with a stylus.

Tracing isolates the hand-to-eye coordination. This forces the mind to focus because you must pay attention to what you are doing. You stop analyzing and become quietly observant.

In short, once you begin tracing you begin meditating.

Religious symbols are also an aid to prayer and interfaith education. (Lotus – Buddhist. Star of David – Jewish. Trinity and Crosses – Christian)

“Open” Mandalynth card designs feature Celtic Art that is gentle and flowing to ease and calm the mind. “Open” Mandalynth card designs are best for stress, anxiety, and panic. (Celtic Twists, Celtic Trinity)

“Medium” Celtic Art Mandalynths feature designs that are slightly complex to trace. They make you focus a bit, but still have a nice flow. “Medium” Mandalynth designs are best for ADD, ADHD, and high-functioning autism. They are also best for “ruminating” minds that obsess and fixate until they create anxiety. (Celtic Star of David, Celtic Lotus)

“Tight” Celtic Art Mandalynths are very complex and challenging to trace. They are not relaxing, but some people love intensity. “Tight” Mandalynth designs are excellent for gifted minds and puzzle-solvers. Low-functioning autism has also responded well to this category. (Celtic Cross)




For the 6-12 prayer shelf or home


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