ECHOES Complete Digital Collection


Use ECHOES as a tool for sharing the rich spirituality of the child, complement course discussions, and deepen your congregation’s understanding of CGS.

We are excited to make available to you the complete Digital Collection of ECHOES. This collection represents 20 years of the Center for Children and Theology’s work as we sought to bring you echoes from the children to deepen our understanding of both the child and God, and to share the wealth of children’s spirituality with the whole church.

We received this note about the collection:  “I want to let you know what a gift each issue of ECHOES is to our work as catechists, both as a source of ideas and support….In preparing handouts for [Level I training] participants to supplement the core readings I found it was often an issue of ECHOES that was the most concise and yet rich choice. Your offer of PDFs of all the back issues turned out to be way more valuable than I ever dreamed.” Polly Tangora

This collection includes all issues of Echoes and five detailed indexes, compiled by Carol Hanlon. The indexes include an Art, Comments, Photo, & Prayer Index, an Author Index, a Description Index, a Keyword Index, and an Index of Places mentioned. When you purchase the Complete Digital Collection of ECHOES, included in the cost is permission to copy any issue of ECHOES to share this rich spirituality of the Child within your community of faith— your congregation or training courses.


When you complete payment for the collection, you will receive access to the entire ECHOES collection. If you have any questions about printing issues for purposes outside of your faith community or within a CGS course, we ask you contact us for permission. We also ask you never share the digital copies for any purpose.

Issues Included:

011 Celebrating Light
012 Gospel Nonviolence
013 Faces of Joy
014 Atrium, Movement, and the Child
021 Heaven and Home
022 Serving Children with Disabilities
023 Intergenerational Liturgy
031 The Parable Method and Children
032 Spiritual Preparation of the Catechist
033 Mindfulness, Wonder, and Contemplation
041 A World of Many Religions
042 Art and the Work of God
043 ECHOES of Incarnation
051 Space for the Child in the Church
052 Celebrating the Sabbath
053 Cosmic Education and Peace
061 Freedom of the Children of God
062 The Bible in the Children’s Hands
063 Rituals for the Atrium, Home, and Life
071 Parousia
072 Mystics in the Atrium
073 Practical Life
081 The Tapestry of Prayer
082 A Taste of the Fruit of CGS
083 CGS, A Vision
091 Serving the Toddler in the Atrium
092 CGS in Schools
093 Ten Years of Grace at CCTheo
101 Montessori’s Sense of the Sacred
102 The Bilingual Atrium
103 Healing the Racial Divide
111 Youth Mission sharing CGS
112 Faithful to All Images of God
113 Easing the Way for CGS
121 Whose Time is it Anyway
123 Gifts from Children, A Model for Adults
131 An Atrium that Endures
132 Extensions and CGS
141 Religious Diversity
142 Tribute to Sofia Cavalletti
151 Boys and Girls and Moral Formation
152 Adoption
161 Serving Children on the Autism Spectrium
162 Science and Catechesis
171 Parent Education in CGS
172 Grandparents
181 Jesus, Saints and Heroes
182 Prophetic Children
Plus Indexes


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