History of Christianity Timeline


Christian children in the sensitive period for history and finding their place in the world are ready and eager to see a history of Christianity timeline. Many of these children have friends and family members connected to more than one denomination. How are these denominations connected? There are Christians throughout the world. When and how did Christianity spread from the Holy Land to all the continents? How are world history and the history of Christianity intertwined? Who are some of the great Saints and when did they live? How is our faith represented in art and architecture throughout history?

These and other questions the children have asked begin to be explored on our new History of Christianity Timeline. For ages 9+


This interactive work allows children to see the geographical and denominational spread of Christianity in the context of world history, and to consider how Christians have helped to build the Kingdom of God.

The History of Christianity Timeline looks at our history through several lenses

  • the geographical spread of Christianity
  • the connection between world history and church history
  • the development of denominations within Christianity
  • how events in our story build the Kingdom of God (or not)
  • Saints in Christian history
  • art and architecture in Christian history

The timeline is designed to be rolled out and used with a selection of cards and folders to study
various aspects of the History of Christianity.

With many children in multi-denominational families, this material helps them locate their place in the Christian story, and understand the emergence of the many branches of the Christian Family Tree.

It complements the History of the Jewish People in size and style.

Sold with the timeline, cards, folders, and instructions for use.

The Timeline is the work of Carol Hanlon, a catechist in Hartford CT, who started work on this project as an intern at CCTheo while completing her MA at Boston College. Using the timelines already part of CGS Level III as a model, she sifted through a vast amount of information to find the pictures and facts that best convey the story of Christianity on its journey towards the fullness of the Kingdom of God. A draft was displayed at Weaving Our Gifts in 2012 for feedback from catechists, and tested in five 9-12 atriums in 2013. It’s ready for use in your parish or school.


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