Moving Day: Poetry by Rob Soley

This book of poetry by the late Rob Soley, catechist and Montessori teacher, will be a treasure for anyone who appreciates poetry. During 2018, Catherine Maresca worked with Rob on this book of his exceptional poetry. Before Rob passed away, he and his wife Karen decided to donate the proceeds of the book to CCTheo.




Written by Rob Soley


Volume pricing available: 2+ for $10/ each

Excerpt from Moving Day:

A golden crucifix on an immaculate

Cloth with intricately embroidered edges,

A couple ornate candle holders and two

Pure white candles adorning each side.


A worn wooden table with a blue placemat,

A tea-light candle on a cracked saucer,

A feather, a stone, a picture of a beloved

Long since gone, and a tiny cowrie shell.


Wood ducks floating on the lake,

Geese grazing along the bank,

Brown rippling waters in the sun,

Deep-rooted trees risen skyward.


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