The Mysteries of the Rosary for Children


The Mysteries of the Rosary provide a walk through the life of Christ from the Annunciation to Parousia. Divided into four groups (rosaries) of five reflections (decades), they are used as points of focus for the twenty mysteries of the rosary. Each reflection includes a Scripture text, an illustration with title, and a summary of how God’s power is at work in each event.

For children, even without using a Rosary, this book provides twenty scenes from the life of Christ, with sentences to connnect it to our own lives. Praying the Rosary with this book gives children and adults a tactile, focused way to meditate on the life of Christ. It serves as a beautiful presentation of the life of Christ and a helpful guide to this rich prayer tradition.


Written and illustrated by Cy Speltz

For children ages six and up


5″ x 6″

21 pages


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