Parenting: A Sacred Path


Parenting is a challenging call. Many resources for parents focus on the child, but Parenting: A Sacred Path is for parents to reflect on their experience, with all of its joys and struggles, as an invitation to grow in faith, love, trust and compassion. Each of six chapters provides an opening reflection for personal or group use, followed by a week of quotes for reflection and prayer. The gift of this simple book is in the self-understanding, acceptance and growth as parents nurtured week by week. It’s perfect as a gift to parents, or as a tool to lead reflection groups.

Here’s a note we received from one grateful reader:

“I wanted you to know that not only did I enjoy spending the six weeks of Lent with you on the sacred path of parenting, but also that that time has brought fresh air and energy and joy to my relationship with my 14-year-old son. Three weeks into [your booklet], my son and I had a breakthrough. I’ll spare you the details—what he wanted, what I didn’t—except to say that in the end we actually listened to each other and negotiated a compromise that helped us both see the other’s point of view. Each of us was pleased we could—and did!—do something other than insist on our own way. So, we are celebrating new fruit that will multiply 100 fold, I’m sure.”



by Patience Leiden Robbins


5″ x 7″

44 pages


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