The Seed of God: Complete Set


A beautiful set of five bilingual books presents the essence of the Gospel message to young children in a simple, but powerful way. Written in simple, clear language by Genelda Woggon, the series presents the Gospel message in five thematic books that fit a small child’s hand.

The Seed of God has been translated and published in Haitian Creole and French, primarily for distribution in Haiti. The English/Spanish edition is widely used in Spanish speaking parishes of Latin America, with copies being hand-carried there by Bishops and mission groups alike.


Written by Genelda Woggon

Illustrated by Alicia Jewell

Individual Titles: Your Baptism, The Seed, The Good Shepherd, Jesus is Risen!, Living in the Light

Spiral-bound, Paperback

5 booklets of 24 pages and 12 illustrations (black and white with one color) each

For children ages 3-7

Available in English/Spanish, or French/Haitian Creole


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