Violence and Nonviolence in Scripture


How do we help children understand the challenging stories of violence in Scripture in light of our belief in a God of love? Based on her experience as a Montessori educator and catechist of the Good Shepherd, Catherine Maresca has thought deeply about this question. In Violence and Nonviolence in Scripture: Helping Chldren Understand Challenging Stories, she bridges years of reading the Bible with children with her commitment to nonviolence and peacemaking. Catechists and religious educators will find this a welcome and helpful resource in their own work with children.

“Honoring children’s natural capacity for spiritual insight, Maresca does not seek to explain the violence in the Bible to children– rather, she provides tools for adults to reflect theologically on it with children in age-appropriate ways. Resisting simple answers that are too shallow after early childhood, Maresca’s approach lays a foundation for the dynamic interaction with Scripture that God’s Spirit uses to form deep faith.” -Sarah Ann Bixler, Assistant Professor, Eastern Mennonite Seminary, Harrisonburg, Virginia


by Catherine Maresca


112 pages

Liturgy Training Publications


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