Way of Holy Joy: Selected Writings of Sofia Cavalletti


Way of Holy Joy, a compilation of writings by the co-founder of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, focuses on the spiritual life of the child. With the exception of one, these have not previously been published in English. As the title suggests, these essays shine a light on an often overlooked spiritual reality: the joy that is found in the relationship between God and the Child.

The essays included in this volume, published shortly after her death in August 2011, also reflect her involvement with the wider church community, including her work on the relationship between the Catholic and Jewish faiths. Those interested in children’s spirituality will find these essays a source of inspiration and insight. Perhaps more importantly, all who seek to live out their baptismal calling as Christians will benefit from meditating on these reflections. One of the most important, though perhaps unintended, effects of Cavalletti’s work has been its impact on adults. By focusing on what is most essential, what is at the heart of faith—a relationship with a Person—many have discovered for themselves this “way of holy joy.”


by Sofia Cavalletti


6″ x 9″

96 pages


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