World Religions - Explanation Card Pocket Folders


This set comes in seven different colors to store the seven faiths of the World Religions – Explanation Cards.

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    Children  ages 9-12 and up have an intense interest in the religions of the world. These cards can provide some answers while allowing the child to explore the signs and symbols of up to 7 different religions. The religions included are Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, and Taoism.

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  • $50.00

    Use ECHOES as a tool for sharing the rich spirituality of the child, complement course discussions, and deepen your congregation’s understanding of CGS.

    We are excited to make available to you the complete Digital Collection of ECHOES. This collection represents 20 years of the Center for Children and Theology’s work as we sought to bring you echoes from the children to deepen our understanding of both the child and God, and to share the wealth of children’s spirituality with the whole church.

    We received this note about the collection:  “I want to let you know what a gift each issue of ECHOES is to our work as catechists, both as a source of ideas and support….In preparing handouts for [Level I training] participants to supplement the core readings I found it was often an issue of ECHOES that was the most concise and yet rich choice. Your offer of PDFs of all the back issues turned out to be way more valuable than I ever dreamed.” Polly Tangora

    This collection includes all issues of Echoes and five detailed indexes, compiled by Carol Hanlon. The indexes include an Art, Comments, Photo, & Prayer Index, an Author Index, a Description Index, a Keyword Index, and an Index of Places mentioned. When you purchase the Complete Digital Collection of ECHOES, included in the cost is permission to copy any issue of ECHOES to share this rich spirituality of the Child within your community of faith— your congregation or training courses.

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3-part pocket folders

5″x 6″ closed 13″x 6″ open

Inside pockets fit labels, picture cards and information cards


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