Backdoor to Liturgy

Pamela Mader

This paper is an account of the author's work of incorporating the rich liturgical presentations of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for 3-6 year old children into her atrium in a non-liturgical setting. Her tradition as a charismatic Protestant is centered in the Bible and so her assumption as she learned the Catechesis was that the liturgical work would not be part of her atrium. But her experience of the liturgical presentations was so fruitful that she began to consider their use in her own setting. 

Presentation by presentation, the author describes how she found a connection between her own tradition and the liturgical sign of the lesson. A focus on the history of liturgy helped her to find various links between the Bible and liturgy. In some cases an adjustment in the material or the manner of introduction helped with the transition. 

A new love for liturgy blossomed slowly during this process. And it is with that love that the author shares her journey.