Music of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd


From Sing With Joy and Songs of Love

Music has a very important place in the prayer of children and life in the CGS atrium. To encourage the use of good music and lyrics, Treehaus Communications, musicians in Nashville, and catechist/formation leader Catherine Maresca created Sing With Joy and Songs of Love, two books with a CD of age- and theme-appropriate music for the atrium.

The books were created to provide legal access to the lyrics, music notation, notes and recordings of music for catechists, respecting the rights of the composers, writers, artists and publishers who created and brought this music to the public. This or any other music should not be reproduced without permission.

For CGS Course Leaders, we want to help you bring good music to your courses. We would like to offer the following in the PDF available for free download:

* Two songs from Sing With Joy and two from Songs of Love. All of these songs are in the public domain and you can feel free to distribute them to your course participants. 

*Sheet Music for the popular atrium song May the Long Time Sun. This song is in the public domain, and you can feel free to distribute it to your course participants. 

* Sheet music for the song This Tiny Seed, written by Jodi-beth McCain, catechist and DRE of Christian Family Montessori School, for the children of her atrium.

* A quantity discount of 10% for orders of 10-19 copies of Sing With Joy or Songs of Love

* A quanitity discount of 20% for orders of 20 or more copies of Sing With Joy or Songs of Love

* Contact information to request permission to reproduce any pages from Sing With Joy or Songs of Love for one time use: treehaus@treehaus1.com

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