Parent Toddler Course

A course to prepare catechists to serve toddlers and their parents.

This five day course will prepare catechists who have completed a 3-6 course to adapt the methodology and content of the 3-6 atrium for toddlers and their parents.
The next Parent Toddler course is not yet scheduled.

Using 3-6 Materials in the 6-9 Atrium

A one-day Workshop Offered on Demand,

Most of the essential themes and materials offered in the 3-6 atrium are also present in the 6-9 atrium, but are used with older children with some additional points of discussion and new ways to work with the material. This workshop will introduce participants to the characteristics of the 6-9 year old child and explore their implications for use with older children. Offered in the summer or fall when a group requests it.

CCTheo Collaborative: Catechists Working Together


CCTheo Collaboratives can be brought to your region! Led by Deb Pelletier and Catherine Maresca. We are ready to help catechists develop their programs with the help of their peers and time set aside to focus on the topics of Sacramental Preparation or Parent Education.