Baptism Folders

Set of Three

Set of three Baptism Folders for the 6-9 atrium. Includes Signs of Baptism, Gestures of Baptism, and the Rite of Baptism.

Folders are machine washable, and can be titled with permanent marker.

Atrium Song Sheets for the Music Maker Lap Harp

A collection of 48 songs from Sing with Joy and Songs of Love

Using a Music Maker Lap Harp, these simple sheets allow children to play favorite songs from the atrium without musical training or instruction. Add this to your atrium as an additional way to reflect on the themes of CGS. This packet includes a collection of 48 songs from the Songbooks, Sing with Joy and Songs of Love.

Border Paper and Calligraphy Practice Sheets


Set of 5 lightly lined sheets with borders reflecting the themes of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: the True Vine, the cross, the nativity, prophetic and angelic announcements. Plus 5 practice sheets for learning the strokes, lower and upper case letters of Italic writing. These originals on card stock may be reproduced for use by the children.
Set of 5 sheets on card stock.

Icon of Christ the Good Shepherd


Place this icon in a space at prayer space in the home or in the atrium to invite meditation on the central image of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. A great gift for catechists and children.
(8 1/2 x 11 print)

On SALE Now through March 27th
$8 (Regular Price $10)
5-10 for $5 each
11-20 for $4 each
20+ $3 each

Art Prints for the Mystery of Faith


This set of three original paintings, Christ has Died, Christ is Risen, and Christ Will Come Again, has been painted to assist the meditation on the Mystery of Faith with 6-12 year old children. Tracy is an artist and catechist in Washington, DC, who prepared to paint by considering Cavalletti's materials, children's art work on these themes, and the words of the prayer itself.
Set of 3 color prints.